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Mice: The Life Of A Sneak Master

How Can Mice Enter Your Home Or Business?

Mice are one of the most cleaver and silent animals in nature due to their size and stature and are very good at entering your home without any notice. To prevent mice from entering the house

All the cracks and holes larger than the size of a pen cap must be identified. They can be hard to identify to the untrained eye as they are so small. Cleanliness is important to help control an infestation. Washing dishes immediately after use and storing food in sealed containers can also help reduce the chance of a problem. If water is available then mice and rats require hardly any food at all to survive and even reproduce.


Can be very difficult to remove from your home because they begin to reproduce at 8 weeks old and can reproduce every three weeks with another litter of 6-8 mice. They can fit their bodies through a hole approximately the size a nickel. If left unchecked and with adequate food, mice breed up to 5-10 litters a year. They learn from each other and are smarter than people think. A mouse that sees another mouse get caught in a snap trap is much more likely to avoid other snap traps, even with cheese.

use cardboard, plastic, and paper to build their nests. There are several strains of viruses and bacterium that they can carry in their bodily fluids. If you notice mouse droppings or they have gotten into your food, it is very important to throw out the food and sterilize the environment. This is a hassle you should not have to go through repeatedly.

Domestic cats hunt mice and can be an effective method in helping treat a severe infestation. While cats and traps can catch a single mouse, the most effective and proven method to eradicate a rodent infestation is that administered by a trained professional. Snap traps can be dangerous to your fingers and to children and pets. Electronic traps are preferred for target areas and small-scale removal but ineffective in handling a medium or large sized problem.

Mice, rats, and other rodents create unsanitary living or working conditions. They cause property and electrical damage, chew wires, destroy moldings, and ruin food. Mice fit through tiny spaces like door cracks or broken windows and can make a home anywhere. Depending how they enter a structure they can often point to other pest problems as well!

Any rodent will eat and hoard pet food because it supplies them with all the minerals and vitamins they need to stay alive and reproduce. This can even improve their resistance to conventional bait treatments. Snap traps can catch a mouse but if a family is established they are not an effective way to eradicate an infestation.


To control rodents summit must evaluate the environmental factors and human factors of every home or business in order to find the correct solution and plan built for you. We use tamper proof bait station indoors to remove rodents and outdoors to maintain a rodent free home. On going maintenance may be necessary in some locations so its important to talk with a summit solutions specialist to craft the proper plan for you.

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