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Wasps and Bees


Wasps are most active in the Summer and Autumn seasons and like termites and carpenter ants, by the time most people notice activity a hive is usually already large and established. Once a second wave of workers is born, the bees switch from carbs to proteins as a food source which helps them grow faster and makes them more aggressive.


Bees are very industrious and will build a home anywhere they can fit. Trees, eves of the house or garage, along walls or inside of walls, and even the ground are all likely homes for bees, wasps, or hornets.  Once a colony goes into defensive mode it will remain that way until removed. Caution is recommended when moving outdoor items covered in tarps or any type of outdoor storage containers. 

Carpenter Bees 


Carpenter Bees can bore holes into wooden fixtures around your house causing damage. They can be a nuisance when you are outside your home trying to enjoy a nice summers day. 

You can identify carpenter bees by the perfect holes that they bore and the frass that they leave behind. The entry holes that they create are usually high up on the structure making it difficult for the home owner to treat.

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