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Summit Pest Control has a proven record protecting a wide variety of properties including:

Rental & Commercial Properties

Apartments  Efficiencies  Businesses  Retail Stores  Offices  Warehouses

Garages  Factories  Restaurants

Hotels  Schools  Libraries

We apply The Summit Approach to each unique problem.  Understanding that your employees don't need a distraction like pests limiting productivity, our goal is to address any infestation holistically and remove it as quickly as possible. Pest-free environments are not just about sanitary, health, or legal requirements though.  They also encompass financial considerations.  It is far less expensive to have a pest professional remove a mouse than it is for an electrician to replace wires or cables.  Visit our Pest Center to learn more about the pests we will remove for you.



Summit Pest Control is a third generation, family owned & operated business that understands the needs of other local businesses. We have over three decades experience quickly resolving any unwanted pest problem that may arise whether for tenants, renters, or other small businesses. The key is effective communication with all parties involved and over three decades of experience identifying root causes of infestations. That's why Summit Pest Control is Rhode Island's and Massachusetts’ most trusted provider of pest control for small businesses, commercial, rental, industrial, and residential pest control.

Don’t let activity fester or build up.  That’s when a reputation for a pest problem also starts to build.  If you see signs of pest activity or think you may have an infestation developing call us at 401-270-3374 for an inspection.


identify, address, apply, advise

The Summit Approach is today’s top defense against annoying, harmful, and expensive pests that threaten your home or commercial properties. All pests need water, food, and shelter to survive and reproduce. Summit Pest Control ensures they don't find these necessities in your home or other properties. Taking the Summit Approach means cleaner, safer, and more effective treatment methods for you and your business.

identifying the problem

The power of The Summit Approach 

Factors such as geography, environment, pest traits and behaviors, human habits and behaviors, and other problems such as property damage all add up to create a potential pest problem. Did you know construction can cause rodents to seek shelter in nearby homes?


the underlying causes

of every unique scituation means we recognize the environmental factors, behavioral influences, and issues with property that contributes to any pest problem. Did you know that both indoors and outdoors, humans often contribute to pest problems without even realizing it! Once all the problems have been brought to light and the underlying causes are identified, it is a simple task for Summit.



The correct solutions

every plan is crafted for every individual case custom made to be the most effective and efficient treatment available. Summit Pest Control has more than three decades of experience handling even the most difficult of pest problems. ​Whether the problems are in your home, apartment, basement, attic, garage, shed, gazebo, tree, porch, yard, or other location the best way to stay safe is with an ounce of prevention.  As Benjamin Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  Remember, pest-free environments are not just about sanitary, health, or legal requirements. They also encompass financial considerations.



With our guaranteed protection plans your home and business stay pest free all year. It is far less expensive to have Summit Pest Control take care of your mice than for an electrician to replace your wires.  Attempts at self-treatment for bed bugs or roaches with foggers or over-the-counter products create progressively more resistant strains of pests. It also pushes them into other areas of a building. Expert results require expert experience. 'Reach the Summit' with Summit Pest Control.

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