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Beautiful white color single family home


Customer Reviews

Greg, Providence

"One of the best and most affordable places to use if you have to. Nick was super nice and knowledgeable. The company is honest and trustworthy, they came right in inspected my place and knew exactly what we were dealing with. They got the job done and eliminated the pest completely. I am super happy with their service and if I needed this type of service again I would definitely go back to them."


Aubrey, Warwick

"I love their services, great people I recommend 100%."


Tom, Cranston

"If you ever have a mice infestation problem there is only one place to call for great results, Summit Pest Control call 401-270-3374 and ask for Nick, he is a great technician from this customer friendly company. He is a great guy to do business with and is very smart to figure out what you need to solve your problems and the only company that will give you a full year guarantee which is great to have."


Gina, Providence

"I was paranoid about a pest issue, so I called this company to have them evaluate the situation. The consultation was free which I thought was very respectable and Nick came to evaluate the premises.He was on time and was extremely professional and polite. He was so knowledgeable about the field and seemed very trustworthy. If I ever have any pest issues in the future I will definitely contact this company again."


Anthony, North Providence

"Nick came to my house for an estimate. He was very friendly, and matched the price of the pest control company I was using for the past 12 years. He cleaned the cobwebs in my garage that have been bugging me for years! His customer service was excellent, and perhaps I should thank the old company I used for their poor customer service, otherwise, I wouldn't have looked for another company and found Summit Pest Control. I signed up for their every six month service and they will come in between months if necessary."


Denise, Providence

"This companies knowledge and customer service is OUTSTANDING!  We are a large property management company and this is the only service we recommend!"

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