The most dangerous wasp in the north east.

The adult Bald-face hornet is a ferocious protector of its nest and will aggressively defend their nest area. They have a stinger that is smooth and rounded allowing it the ability to sting several times. By early fall a colony may have hundreds of workers who are actively defending their nest. If you find a nest like this close to your home, you may need some help to remove it.

We have several species of yellow jackets in New England and the Bald-faced Hornet is one of them. The nest is that easy to recognize football shaped paper nest found hanging in bushes, trees and maybe on the structure of your home or business.

The Bald-faced hornet is large and measures about 3/4 of an inch in length. It is black in color and has white markings on its head and abdomen that gives it the appearance of a white face.

Removing a nest that has hundreds of angry hornets that are protecting their home can be extremely difficult and more suited for a professional to remove. Call Summit Pest Control to speak with a pest expert that will help you get rid of these stinging insects.

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