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Flies can be one of the most annoying pests due to their persistence and ability of flight. There are many different types of flies and can appear for very different reasons. Some flies need different treatment methods including traps, spray, and removing the root cause. 


Large Flies are caused by garbage not properly thrown out, locations with outdoor animal excrement like farms or dogs pens, or they can come from a dead animals. Cluster flies can find harborage in your bushes or shrubbery around your house and get into your house through an open window or door. 





Fruit flies appear around food or drink that is left out, especially fruit but they look very similar to fungus gnats. Watering a plant or rustling a potted flower might awaken a swarm of plant gnats which are even smaller in size than a fruit fly. Drain flies come from the buildup in the sink or shower drains or the dampness created by leaks or condensation of pipes and are attracted to mildew and mold, which are created by dampness.  This is similar to how fungus gnats are attracted to other types of fungus. 


To an untrained eye, fungus gnats can appear as fruit flies and can make it difficult to treat for the home owner. Summit Pest Control specializes in finding the fastest and safest way to treat for all pests including Flies and keep them out of you home or business all year. 


Call us today at 401-270-3374 for an inspection and to discuss treatment options available to you.

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